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Are you fed up of costly and unhealthy escorts in Dubai? Then you have landed at the right place. We at provide the best Indian escorts in Dubai since past 10 years. Our services are pan-UAE and our girls come from all over Indian subcontinent. We have the variety that you will always crave for! Sexiest girls from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kashmir and more… You will be amazed to see the number of Indian escorts working for us in UAE. The popularity of Indian escorts in Dubai is such that we get more than 100 phone calls every day requesting for pics and rates! Since past many years we have been trying to maintain the supply to match this ever increasing demand for Indian escorts in Dubai and because of this we are now the biggest Indian escort agency in Dubai.

Why people prefer Indian escorts in Dubai?

Now this is something natural when someone spends a fortune for something and still doesn’t get satisfaction out of it he will look out for something cheaper next time as he has already tried the costliest. This is the case here in Dubai, most of the other nationalities of escort girls available here are so costly that no one can enjoy fully or get satisfied. The cost involved is as high as 1500 AED for one hour and you can imagine what a person will do in one hour and how will he enjoy! That’s the main reason why Indian escorts in Dubai have gained prominence. We have nominal rates for most of our girls such as 1000 AED for 2 hours and 2500 AED for overnight. This makes our services more affordable as well as more enjoyable for everyone looking for escort services in Dubai.

Where to find Indian escorts in Dubai?

As you may be guessing Indian escorts are easily available in many night clubs in Dubai such as Mirchi, Moods etc. But, in case you are not in a mood to go out to a night club and search the right match for you, we have made it easier for you to order a beautiful Indian escort in Dubai sitting in the comfort of your home. You can just give us a call or text at our hotline +971505751804 and get all the pictures and rates for Indian escorts in Dubai. Also while ordering from us you can be sure of two things; Firstly the girl you see in pictures sent by us is the same girl you will get, there will be no ugly surprises and in case still you don’t like the girl you will not be asked to pay for her, Secondly, our girls provide unrushed service and are very cooperative and understanding, they know how to behave and satisfy you physically, emotionally as well as psychologically.


As we love our customers, we love their feedback. We would also encourage you to use our services and give us a feedback so that we can improve. We are open for your criticization as well as love, so feel free to write to us about how you felt after using our Indian escorts in Dubai. We will keep publishing the reviews you give us at our website regularly. Also you can review the particular girl you took from us. The girl who gets good reviews is kept for long time by us and those who don’t get good reviews are terminated by us from our services. Hence, your reviews are as important as your association with us.

Customers Speak

“I got their reference online while searching for Dubai Indian escorts on Google. In the begining I was a little sceptical whether they have genuinely have Indian girls or are just pretending to provide that, but I was taken by surprise when I received an Indian girl from New Delhi who was staying nearby my house back in my country. So, I would like to come back again and use their services. Will recommend to all my friends for sure.” – Ranjan Sharma

“As I visited Dubai for a business meet I was in a hurry to get laid in Dubai quickly and then finish up my tour with a happy ending. So, I asked my friend about any good Indian escort agency in Dubai and he recommended me to visit . When I visited this website I felt its a bit different from other websites claiming to provide Indian escorts in Dubai, as they are not a mix genre kind of website providing both Indian and Pakistanis. Hence, I ordered a beautiful Mumbai girl from here and I must say she was truly awesome and I still love to chat with her while she’s free. Thumbs up … Great service. – Abhay Kumar

“Firstly I would like to say that this agency is authentic and provides real Indian escorts in Dubai UAE. Secondly I would like to tell that they showed up late at my hotel which I must say they should improve upon, as Time is Money. But, in all it was a worthful experience and I am happy that I chose them. Would like to come again definitely. Thanks” – Symmonds

“أصدقاء مساء الخير، أنا عبد الله من الإمارات العربية المتحدة. أنا أحب الفتيات الهنديات ودائما في محاولة لممارسة الجنس جيدة معهم. جعل هذا الموقع من الممكن بالنسبة لي للحصول على مرافقة الهندية في دبي بسهولة عندما لا توجد وكالة أخرى كانت تقدم لي مرافقة الفتيات وأنا من مواطني دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة. أحب أن استخدام خدماتها مرارا وتكرارا.” – Abdullah

“Je me suis rendu à Dubaï le mois dernier avec ma famille et ai essayé d’obtenir une chance de rencontrer une belle fille d’escorte indienne pour le sexe et que trop à sa place comme je l’étais dans un hôtel avec ma femme. Je suis leur numéro en ligne et on m’a demandé de venir région d’Al Nahda Dubaï. Je dois dire que la jeune fille était très belle et belle et elle a fait le sexe d’une manière très énergique me offrant tout ce que je demandais et aussi le plat qu’ils fourni moi était soigné et propre et situé dans un bon quartier résidentiel. Je souhaite passer plus de temps avec leurs filles pour la prochaine fois que.” – Peter

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All the Indian escorts photos and profiles published on this website are authentic and verified, and every profile is posted with due consent from the respective escort girl.